Early Music Chicago is Chicago's new early music service organization.

Our mission statement:  "Early Music Chicago promotes the understanding and enjoyment of early music in the Chicago area through advocacy, programs and services."

For an account of who we are and how we got to this stage, go here.

You will be hearing much more about Early Music Chicago in the months ahead.  Great things are in prospect.

Early Music Chicago is just starting.  It is grass roots.  It needs the participation of everyone in the early music community who cares.  In other words, it needs you.  Please become part of this exciting effort.

Contact us via e-mail at:  JerryFullerEsq@cs.com

For the latest organization news:  go here.

The Early Music Chicago Executive Committee
Jerry Fuller, President pro tem, jerryfulleresq@cs.com
Bill Chin, Vice President pro tem, billchin@usa.com
Ken Perlow, Treasurer pro tem, zaniah@xnet.com